Timm S. Müller

Middleware – Open Source – Embedded Systems

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We are independent developers with altogether 30 years of experience in software development. Our mission is to provide profitable, long-term solutions and an enduring commitment for the benefit of our customers. We stand for the correctness, simplicity and reliability of our software.

Software Development for Industry and Embedded Systems


In projects, the focus of our operations is the development of device and system controls, applications, components, and drivers. Both our hardware partners and we are available during development for consulting and the projection of complete systems.


Device control and user interfaces

We develop tools for the creation of systems and device control and graphical and browser interfaces for industrial applications and embedded systems.

Cross-platform software architecture


We mostly work with POSIX-compliant, open source operating systems. Other platforms, platform independence, and environments without an operating system are not substantial hurdles.

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