Timm S. Müller

Middleware – Open Source – Embedded Systems

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Open Source

We work with open source software because it allows for custom made solutions. Open source tools, libraries and operating systems can be tailored to special needs, enhanced, debugged, and pruned of unnecessary code. In addition to this, the quality of open source software can be evaluated prior to putting it into operation.

Open Source Business Model


More and more customers a priori demand the use and application of open source components and development methods, for they deem it necessary for securing their investment and for staying in control of their products, even if they choose a different vendor or service provider.

We consider it a part of our business model to resort to open source licenses and development methods for substantial parts of our product work, so that our customers can test and employ our products and frameworks.

Licensing and Further Development

The MIT license, which we have employed on our products, is OSI-certified and compatible with the GPL. It ensures all participants that all future development based on our work remains legitimate, as it expressly allows derivative work to be sublicensed, sold and distributed, and that there is no obligation whatsoever for anybody to disclose the sources of their additional work.

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