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Date Title Description
13-Apr-2016 Site update Minor website update
18-Dec-2014 Site update Minor website update
05-Jun-2013 Jobs section Change to the German section to see our current jobs offers.
03-May-2011 New address We have moved into new offices in Berlin. See our updated contact information.
09-Jul-2009 New address We are now resident in Berlin. See our updated contact information.
18-Apr-2009 Customer support area We have established a customer support area for the tekUI SDK.
06-Mar-2009 Back from the Embedded World The exhibition was a great success for us. We have listened carefully to your questions, and your inquiries and suggestions will be incorporated into our offers and products soon.
27-Feb-2009 Press and Downloads section We have opened a Press and Downloads section, where you will find our brochures, posters and videos.
27-Jan-2009 Exhibitor at the Embedded World 2009 We are an exhibitor at the Embedded World 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. See the products we have on display there. image
18-Jan-2009 Products section opened, site overhaul This website was revised and a Products section added.
30-Jun-2008 Embedded GUI toolkit released The GUI toolkit tekUI, which we designed specifically for embedded systems with a display controller, was released under an Open Source license.
24-Feb-2008 Playstation 2 demo wins competition The 3D-Demo, which we released during the Oxyron-Party 2008, ranked first in the Mixed Demo competition. For console titles we employ our Middleware platform as an OS replacement.
28-Jun-2007 This website online Our company website is now public.
03-Mar-2007 CMS LOona released The content management system (CMS) that is being used for this site has been released under the terms of an open source software license. More