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TEKlib – Middleware

Over the course of several years we have designed and contributed to the development of TEKlib, a modular and versatile abstraction layer and middleware platform.

TEKlib is an OS abstraction, software development kit and interface collection concerned mainly with resource and namespace management: Memory, threads, signals, IPC, dynamic libraries, a component model, device driver and file system interfaces.

Embedded Operating System

TEKlib equips software with a small, built-in host/hardware isolation layer, which makes it a matter of adapting a few isolated lines of code and simply recompiling to port it to different platforms.

In doing so, TEKlib components can be developed and tested under Unix or Windows as hosting environments; they can be readily used in all kinds of applications, DLLs and connectors.


In addition, TEKlib offers a platform-independent interface toolkit for the development of components, device drivers, file systems and services. This allows TEKlib-based software to be embedded into any environment imaginable, such as device drivers, libraries, plug-ins or applications in a normal desktop environment.

TEKlib is not just a wrapper but implements its own, distinct architecture; it ensures that code can be written in a cleanroom manner with minimal (ideally zero) reliance on platform-specific peculiarities. This extra effort is rewarded with a high degree of reusability and portability.


When protocols and protocol stacks are implemented on top of TEKlib 's module and component interface, the resulting construct would then be called a middleware.